The Wales Goebel Ministry Staff is a unified, yet diversified group of individuals called by God to fulfill unique areas of ministry. Each staff member is allowed to develop his or her ministry, based on the burden and gift God has given to them. Without those who are called to be support personnel such as bookkeeper, secretaries or office manager, the ministry could not function. God has raised up gifted people to teach Bible classes, do evangelism on a one-to-one basis or in groups, counseling, women’s ministry, Hispanic ministry, and prison ministry.

Jan Bearden
In addition to being Mr. Goebel’s secretary and the ministry bookkeeper, Jan also leads Chapel services each Friday afternoon at a local nursing home and co-hosts a weekly women’s Bible class taught by Mrs. Joyce Yancey.
Octavio Samper
In May of 2003 God opened the door for Octavio and Rosie Samper to join our staff for the purpose of reaching Hispanics for Christ. They minister to the growing Hispanic community via Sunday worship services, Soccer outreaches, and Bible study, plus travel to Colombia to assist in ministry there.
Jay Jackson
Jay has been with WGM since 1972, serving in the area of Biblical counseling and now directs the ministry as well. Jay graduated from Southeastern Bible College in 1979 with a B.S. in Christian Education. In 1981 he and Cindy Crouch were married and they have three adult children, Kara, Timothy, and Brooke. Kara and Timothy are married. Cindy works with Jay in the counseling ministry. Jay received a Masters in Christian Counseling from Luther Rice Seminary in 2001. He completed a Doctorate in Biblical Studies from Masters International Divinity School in October of 2008.
Teala McDowell
Joining the staff in 2012, Teala serves in a women’s mentoring ministry meeting with ladies, individually, as well as in group settings, teaching them about their identity in Christ and how to appropriate that into their daily lives. Also, she speaks to various groups, of all ages, sharing the story of the Lord’s stunning transformation of her life over the years, through many difficult trials common to so many living this side of Heaven! Her passion is to share the gospel with those who do not know Jesus, and come alongside ladies who already have a personal relationship with the Lord, but who are struggling to daily walk well, for His glory.
Jim McVay
Having served a lifetime in Mexico as missionaries, Jim & Lula in 2010 to minister to the Hispanic community in the Birmingham area through all means available to them, including Bible classes and one-on-one evangelism.
Joyce Yancey
Joyce Yancey has been affiliated with the Wales Goebel Ministry since its inception over 50 years ago. She teaches several weekly Bible classes as well as doing personal counseling and discipleship. She frequently speaks at ladies luncheons, youth and adult retreats and evangelistic conferences throughout the Southeast and beyond.
Bill Stroup
Bill graduated from Grace Seminary in 1983 and then served 20 years with The Evangelical Alliance Mission in Japan. In 2004 he joined the Wales Goebel Ministry as the Japanese Director, reaching Japanese who are away from their homeland living in Alabama. English teaching with Lil, evangelistic golf clinics and friendship evangelism continue to be a vital part of his outreach.  He is also involved in a Bible teaching ministry, in his home church, with home school students and  at Birmingham Theological Seminary where he teaches Koine Greek and Hebrew.
Stan Goebel
After becoming a Christian in 1979, Stan began working with the ministry in 1980. Stan reaches out to those on the streets in the Birmingham area.  Many souls have been saved and encouraged through the unique outreach God has given to the man.
Alfredo Medina
Alfredo and Juana are missionaries sent out by Renacer Baptist Church in Bogotá, Colombia. God has called the Medinas to be church planters in Santa Marta, a town about 16 hours drive north of Bogotá. Working with two other missionary couples in evangelism and discipleship, Alfredo and Juana have planted a church in that town with between forty and fifty people attending weekly. They are the parents of two children, Santiago and Lina.

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