October 2016

Dear Friends in Christ,

Over six years ago, I met with a couple for marriage counseling for several weeks.  They had been married for 30 years, but had many issues due to the husband’s unfaithfulness.  The wife knew Christ as Savior and Lord. However, it was clear from our meetings that the husband did not know the Lord, had admitted this fact, and refused to trust Christ as Savior.  Recently I heard from the wife, who shared her husband had trusted Christ as his Savior and was baptized a short time ago!  God is faithful to use His word for planting, watering and harvesting fruit.

John Murphy, who works with the veteran’s ministry, shared the following encouraging testimony: Sam (not his real name) is saved, sober, has disability income, furniture, a lease on a new apartment, and wants to minister through praise and worship (he is a trained musician)!  Grace Solutions for Veterans only began a few months ago, but because of God’s work and the two Marine vets who labor in cooperation with the Lord, PTSD victims are being reached one life at a time.

Our veterans’ ministry hosted the second retreat of their short history at the Ridgeline Adventure in Springville, AL on September 25-29.  Once again the Lord brought nine needy vets to the retreat.  God used Chris Gill and John Murphy to minister in group times, as well as one on one.

The Sampers and the McVays work with Hispanics in the Birmingham area. Octavio and Rosie Samper continue ministry at La Fe Church (The Faith) and through soccer.  God sent them help from Colombia. Sebastian Casas now helps with the church and soccer ministry.  Jim and Lulu McVay serve at the Hispanic church through Pelham First Baptist.  Jim sent word that a 12-year-old young lady trusted Christ this past month.  Please continue to pray for those who work with this people group.  Some we know are here illegally, but they need the Lord.  God, in His sovereignty brought the world to our doorstep, using a broken immigration system!

Please pray for two couples who currently come for counseling on a weekly basis.  For one couple, counseling is their last hope.  Unless the Lord performs one of those resurrection miracles, these two will not stay together.  Incredibly, from what I have heard from each one, there is not a major issue like infidelity, abuse, or addiction.  Over several years little things have brought hurt and division, so that now it seems, in their eyes, the marriage is irreconcilable.

Our ministry continues to struggle with finances.  Summer has always been a difficult time, and this was again true during the last four months.  We are asking the Lord to bring in the needed money to allow us to finish in the black by December 31st.  Please pray for us and consider a year-end gift to our ministry.  In the past some have been led to give not only cash, but stocks, IRAs, and property.  For those already in the retirement years there can be certain advantages for donating a distribution from an IRA or pension plan.  Please seek advice from your accountant or broker regarding that option, before making a decision.

Thank you for your prayers and financial help.

In Christ Our Life,

Dr. Jay Jackson

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