May 2017

Dear Friends of WGM,

I hope that you have enjoyed the monthly prayer letters from some of our Board of Directors.  I believe this is a unique approach to learning more about a ministry, its needs, desires, and objectives.  As I read the letters from some of the wonderful men on the Board I was immediately struck by something very unusual.  Every letter was by someone who had been led to a life-changing encounter with the Lord Jesus either by Wales or one of the staff, or else had been discipled by one of the staff.  I found this to be very moving and unusual.  I don’t believe that every member of a Christian ministry board would have had these experiences, though some might.  However, after serving on boards of different Christian ministries I found them to be full of spiritual and Godly men and women, but not that many had actually been so affected by that particular ministry. They felt that the ministry they were serving was a worthwhile and needed ministry but these individuals’ future destiny had not always been as a result of the actual organization and its staff.  I also was so impressed with the years of faithful service by people such as Dr. Jay Jackson, Stan Goebel, and Jan Bearden to mention a few.

In my case I was a Christian when I came in contact with the Wales Goebel Ministry through my father who loved and later worked for the ministry.  As a young Christian I was discipled by spending time with Wales and the staff who were very helpful in teaching me principles about my young children and especially giving me a desire to share my faith.  I can remember being so thrilled and blessed to listen to Wales at churches and conferences.  It was such a joy to be taught how to counsel and use scripture to help people who came forward to find Christ or get assurance of their relationship with him.  My wife also says that she points to hearing Wales speak to a youth group as the time she found this relationship.

Most organizations change over time and this is certainly true of WGM.  This is a very exciting time as the ministry provides much needed counseling, ministries in other countries, and has taken a very active role in helping Veterans in so many ways.  Until you are informed (as I certainly wasn’t) you will never understand the many heart-rending problems that so many veteran’s face with the main cause being a result of their desire and devotion to our country and helping the rest of us live normal lives while they put theirs constantly in harm’s way.

Though Wales is not active in the day-to-day operations anymore, this ministry still has his goals and desires to help others to find Christ as the solutions to the problems they face, and knows that ultimately our future destiny is determined by our relationship to Jesus.

We would welcome any of you to come by the ministry and see the many things that WGM is involved with.  Much of our support comes from people whose lives or the lives of their loved ones have been changed by this ministry.  In this day of constant legal rulings which hinder the way people were once allowed to share their faith, we have explored many new ways to still accomplish what once was considered a wonderful and safe thing to do.

We hope that many of you who have been blessed and helped by WGM will continue to support this wonderful endeavor.  Our prayer also is that others will feel a ministry such as this is something they would love to support.  I personally have always tried to see how much of my money went to actually help and influence others.  I did not really want my money to go to building parking lots or brick and mortar projects (though that is needed).  I truly wanted my money being spent as diligently and practically as possible and where most of the money went to actually help someone and not just spend a great portion on overhead.  This desire of Wales is still the number one priority and we hope you will feel this is a ministry you could get involved with and feel very comfortable supporting.

Thank you for your time and interest in helping advance God’s Kingdom.


Buzz Borland

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