March 2018

March 2018

Dear Friends in Christ,

March always carries special significance for me. March 22, 1951 was the day of my first birth. I received physical life, but spiritually all I got was trouble! Born a sinner, dead, and condemned, I needed forgiveness and life, which God gave to me on March 19, 1971, when I trusted Christ as my Savior. March of 1972, was the month when I raised support to work with the Wales Goebel Ministry, beginning on April 1. Then, on March 4, 1981, God gave me the “helper suitable,” for life named Cindy Crouch, who said “yes” to my proposal for marriage. We were married in July of 1981. Now, seven grandchildren later, we rejoice in the great journey together with God. As Wales would say, “More grace!” Truly, the last 47 years of walking with the Lord has been a “more grace” experience each day. God has given grace for salvation, for serving, for suffering, and for struggles with sin. His grace is sufficient!

The following note was received from a dear couple who came for marriage counseling a few years ago:

I’d like to let you know that my husband and I are consistently growing in God’s grace in our marriage. After all the tears, disappointments and rejections on both our parts God truly worked miracles in us both. Even with only one visit with you a corner was turned that day. We are truly having a happy time due mainly to obedience to Him, forgiveness of each other, ever learning how to love each other plus confession of our own sins. Speaking for myself I have been given new views of my own heart’s blackness and it is ugly and detestable to me. I believe, according to my husband’s actions and words that he has experienced some of this also. I guess what it all amounts to is relying and believing the Lord no matter what we get out of it and putting the other’s welfare above our own …in other words, not giving up. We are becoming the couple we should have been years ago but it’s never too late to love.

God knows just when to remind us His work is not in vain. This note was truly an encouragement that the Lord can work miracles in lives through His word and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

In all of the ministries, whether to Hispanics, Japanese, Women, Birmingham Police, the Outreach in Fairfield or in Counseling individuals and couples, each staff has heard similar stories. Even if we do not hear the results, we trust the Lord that His Word does not return void and God will use it as He has purposed.

Please continue to pray and help us in sharing Christ and His Word with others. One life brought to Christ, one marriage saved, one prevented suicide, one freed addict, or one person growing in their faith are all important investments for eternity.

In Christ Our Life,

Jay & Cindy Jackson

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