June 2017

Greetings in the Name of the Lord:

As a brand new Christian in 1971, I left the security of my home and church for military service. I had not yet learned about the sanctifying work of God’s Holy Spirit. Consequently, I tried unsuccessfully to live the Christian life in my own power. Eventually, I just gave up. It was impossible to measure up and trying for over twenty years to “be good” and always do the right thing was mentally and emotionally exhausting. I had wrecked everything about my life and my relationship with my wife, children, and parents. What a mess!

Struggling to understand something from Scripture one day, I called an old high school friend to try to gain some clarity. After explaining the verses to me, he asked if I would be interested in an early morning Bible study at the Wales Goebel Ministry. So began a journey that I was not looking for and a relationship I was not seeking. The Lord had to bring me (stubborn as I am) to the end of myself and He used Jay Jackson and the Wales Goebel Ministry to do so. No longer bound by a set of rules, I was free at last to follow a risen Savior who had no interest in me “being good” but would provide for me all the righteousness needed in His Person and by His indwelling Spirit. Hallelujah -What a Savior!

Today, as a Board Member of the Wales Goebel Ministry, I am privileged to see the ongoing work being done by the staff members and evangelists of this great organization. We have ministers to the local Hispanic population, the local Japanese population, ministers to women, women’s Bible studies, street evangelism, ministry to singles, veterans with PTSD, Bible studies, and personal counseling, just to name a few of the ways the Ministry serves our Lord. There are exciting things afoot and we want to stay in a position to continue ministry wherever and whenever the Lord opens doors to do so.

As with any endeavor, funds are required. Staff members need to raise their support and it takes substantial amounts of money to “keep the lights on”. We are currently planning a fund raising event for the summer. Also, as noted in other monthly letters, we are in the process of selling the property which the Ministry has used for so long and to such a wonderful end. We will miss it greatly, but with prayer and much discussion, the decision was made to move in a forward direction towards the sale and downsizing of our physical location. The funds gained will be used prayerfully to help continue with administrative cost and to fund new opportunities.

As always, we covet your prayers and contributions. We are celebrating the 50th year of the ministry this year and it has always, and will always, be fueled by the earnest prayers and gifts from you, our partners, in this great walk of faith. We strive to exalt our risen Savior and hope you will see fit to come alongside and participate with us. To God be the glory!

I am firmly in His grasp,
Alan Large

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