July 2016

Dear Friends in Christ,

Hebrews 10:1-17 has always been such a help in dealing with guilt that people carry, and for clarifying the finished work of the cross.  Recently, a lady explained that she would go to Heaven because she asks forgiveness of her sins each day.  From one perspective, it was good she knew that sin was a problem in her relationship with God.  On the other hand, she represents many who base their salvation on asking forgiveness.  The question which usually gets to a person is, “Well, suppose you did something wrong and dropped dead before you asked forgiveness, where would you go?”  Hebrews 10 for this lady cleared up this misconception.  She realized for the first time, that Jesus paid for all sins for all time, including hers, past, present and future (Heb. 10:12).  In addition, she saw that He had imputed to her His perfect record, so that in God’s legal record she is righteous (Heb. 10:14).  What a freedom there is in knowing that our confession of sin daily is for us to continue in fellowship with the Lord, not to gain a relationship with Him.

We mentioned a new outreach opportunity at two HUD apartment complexes on the western side of Birmingham.  God opened the door for Child Evangelism Fellowship to conduct a five day club during the week of June 27-July 1.  One of the complexes houses families with many young children.  This outreach not only reached children with the gospel, but also families.  As you read this letter the club served its purpose of exposing many children to the gospel, and some trusted Christ as Savior.

You might have heard about or read of the tragedy concerning a veteran who lived in Bessemer, AL.  He got out of a car on I-59/20 near Ensley and walked into the traffic.  He was hit and died at the scene.  More than likely, from the description given by his girlfriend, this 27 year old Marine combat veteran was having a flashback from some battle he went through.  She said there was a loud noise and that seemed to be the catalyst for his fatal actions.  These are the individuals we are trying to reach out to and help with the freeing and healing message of the gospel.

Grace Solutions for Veterans held its first of many retreats on June 12-16, at a wonderful area near Springville, AL called Ridge Adventure Park.  These men spent several days in Bible study and fellowship, laughing, crying, hiking, riding four-wheelers, and doing zip lines together.  God provided this retreat at no charge for the veterans who are the focus of this ministry.  Nine of the fourteen who attended are struggling with moral injury and PTSD.  John Murphy and Chris Gill led this retreat and we thank God for SRA Foods, which supplied most of the food for this time.  God used it in the lives of those men to begin the healing for some and continue it for others.

Please pray for the ministry as we enter the summer months.  Financial giving is always down in the summer months, and donations are down already.  Please ask the Lord if He would have you help in these lean times.

In Christ Our Life,

Dr. Jay Jackson

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