January 2017

Dear Friends in Christ,

Give me a Bible, a person or people who need the Lord and need to understand how to walk with the Lord.  This is my calling and gifting for ministry.  After over ten years of trying to be a fund raiser and leader of the ministry, I am convinced this is not my calling.  In the first part of 2016 the board of the Wales Goebel Ministry received a written notice from me that I would be stepping down as the Executive Director of the ministry.  Based on the Ministry’s financial situation this is something which probably should have been done five years ago.  They accepted the letter and graciously will allow me to continue as a staff person working with the veteran’s ministry, counseling, evangelism and teaching Bible classes.  Also, I will still send out our weekly devotions and help with the international ministry.

The board will assume oversight of several areas, while they prayerfully continue a search for an Executive Director.  In the future you will continue to receive monthly letters from the ministry, written by different board members.  Hopefully these future letters will give you a broader sense of all that WGM does locally and internationally.  Please pray for the board of directors: Ricky Shadix (chairman), Pat Mote (vice-chairman), Jim Jordan (treasurer), Alan Large, Buzz Borland, Jim Lewis, Charles Sowell and Ronnie Payton, as they continue to serve and prayerfully work through many decisions for the future of the ministry.

As for Grace Solutions for Veterans, God continues to give opportunities to meet with some in one-on-one counseling.  One man, we will call Carl, spent 12 years in the military, but has struggled with alcohol addiction since he was a young teen.  In our first meeting Carl admitted he was unsure where he would spend eternity.  After we talked through forgiveness and the imputed righteousness of Christ, from Hebrews 10, Carl saw that all of his sins were forgiven, and he was righteous in the sight of God through Christ.  We also looked at 1 John 5:11-13, and by the end of our time Carl had assurance of his eternal salvation.

This month we have the privilege of presenting the Grace for Living Conference to a small group of veterans who live in the Cullman, AL area.  Our veterans’ ministry has been asked to partner with the Saving Forgotten Warriors organization, which reaches out to the 8,000 servicemen who live in the Cullman area.  SFW has property and a vision to start a ranch which would house veterans in a three to six month program for addictions, job training, homelessness, and dealing with PTSD.  Jeremy Hogan directs this one-year-old ministry to veterans.  Once the ranch builds it first dorm, Grace Solutions Veterans Ministry has been asked to provide the spiritual help for the residents.  As with any outreach this program requires funding.  We need help in buying materials to be used in small groups, covering expenses in traveling from Birmingham to Cullman several times a week, and for training materials for those staff who will be equipped to help with this in the future.  If you are led to help with this vital ministry, please make certain to include a note with your check and indicate it is for the veterans.  You can also make a contribution online at our website, www.walesgoebelministry.org.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  Your partnership in the gospel makes this ministry possible.

In Christ Our Life,

Dr. Jay Jackson

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