February 2018

February 2018

Dear Friends in Christ,

Change, for some of us, brings conflict. Many do not like change. This means for some believers that they are content with having their sins forgiven and a home in Heaven someday. Yet, Romans 5:10 declares that we are saved by His life. This not only refers to the truth of our regeneration (spiritual birth), but also to the process of spiritual growth. Regardless of what changes around us, the Lord wants us to trust Him. We must trust Him as our Life. He is not compartmentalized as we sometimes think. We separate certain aspects of our life, that we think we can handle, leaving the Lord out of the equation.

God uses change to teach us that we need Christ for every area of life. As we enter into marriage major changes take place. Then everything changes when children enter the picture. As you age, jobs can change, health can change, or there can be deaths of friends and loved ones. The only constant remains: the Lord! He never changes (Hebrews 13:8). All of the variables of life, which God sovereignly controls, serve to drive us to dependence on the Lord.

I was once again struck with the gravity of the ministry of counseling and discipleship. It is sometimes difficult to give a detailed (because of confidentiality issues) report to those of you who invest in this ministry with prayers and financial support. One day in January I was reminded of how God uses this ministry in a marriage. It is not unusual for one person in a marriage to come for counseling. This was the case on this particular day. The Lord cleared a portion of my calendar that day to meet with this individual. It was a critical situation, and called for straight forward Biblical answers. After the meeting, all I could do was pray, for it appeared things were left unresolved in the heart of this person. By the late afternoon a miracle had taken place and there is indeed hope! Please pray for this situation.

As of right now I have returned to the Director’s position in the ministry, based on the board’s request. This means I make daily administration decisions, oversight of the staff, and the finances. I would appreciate your prayers for my responsibilities for the above mentioned areas. With the sale of our property now finalized, this lessens the burden of keeping up with all of the upkeep required on an older building.

Thank you for your help with prayers and giving to the ministry. We ask that you continue.

By God’s grace we continue to teach, preach, disciple, and most of all evangelize anyone, anytime, and anywhere!

In Christ Our Life,

Jay & Cindy Jackson

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