August 2016

Dear Friends in Christ,

One of our couples who work with Hispanics, Jim and Lula McVay, served in Mexico for over 30 years.  They “retired” and came back to Birmingham and began working with Octavio and Rosie Samper.  This past January, the Hispanic church at Pelham First Baptist asked Jim to serve as interim pastor.  Jim is now 75 years old, but knew the Lord wanted him to minister to these people.  He shared the following in a recent letter to his prayer supporters:

I mentioned in a previous correspondence that we were planning baptisms in the month
of May.  This took place May 22 at Oak Mountain State Park.  After the five people were
baptized, we had a cookout and fellowship.  In addition to church members, some visitors
were present.  Among those I talked with that afternoon, a husband of a believing wife
accepted the Lord.  We hope to have another baptismal service soon

One of the veterans who now works with Grace Solutions shared the gospel with another vet, we will call Zeke, a few weeks ago.  He did not stop there, but has been involved in helping Zeke get help through the VA, get his disability restored, and as a result this man still has his home.  Birmingham has one of largest populations per capita of homeless vets in our country.  Because of this ministry, one less veteran is on the streets.

During the week of June 27 through July 1st, Cindy and I attended the IFCA convention in Springfield, IL.  Two years ago while attending the convention, God used the head of the IFCA chaplain program to encourage pastors and ministry leaders to help our veterans with PTSD.  Through this, the Lord burdened my heart to do something for those who suffer with these invisible wounds.  After further investigation I realized God would need to raise up Christian combat veterans with a calling to help these men and women.  I was able to share with Chaplain Meyer at this year’s convention how God used him to start Grace Solutions for Veterans.  The continual unfolding of this ministry has God’s hand upon it.

It never fails!  When the temperature rises in Birmingham and surrounding areas, the counseling ministry grows.  Maybe heat brings out some areas of our flesh otherwise hidden!  There is a man who recently came for counseling who needs the Lord.  He struggles with disappointments toward the church, which impacted how he views God.  Please pray for C., that God will soften his heart toward the gospel.  His wife will attend our next session, so please pray for her as well.

We ask you to continue praying for the ministry and our finances.  Perhaps the Lord would have some of you commit to a regular monthly gift or a one time donation which would help us with the financial needs.  Thank you to those who do continue giving and praying for us.

In Christ Our Life,

Dr. Jay Jackson

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