International Ministries


Alabama is home to an ever-increasing number of internationals. The Wales Goebel Ministry staff is reaching out to two specific people groups-Hispanics and Japanese-through practical steps such as help in opening bank accounts, finding homes, teaching English classes, and just helping them assimilate into their new culture and community. These individuals are hearing and responding to the Gospel, and are being afforded the chance to grow in Christ through special church services, Bible classes, Back-yard Bible clubs and one-on-one discipleship.

Originally from Columbia, South America and being fluent in Spanish, Octavio Samper has almost daily opportunities to share Christ with this large influx of people from Latin America. Not only are Spanish speaking individuals hearing and responding to the Gospel, but are being afforded the chance to grow in Christ through one-on-one discipleship and Bible study.   Also, Octavio and his wife, Rosie, have a huge outreach among the Hispanic population through a soccer league they are in charge of.  If you desire to learn more about this outreach or an interested in helping Octavio reach the Hispanic population, you may contact him at (205) 967-488

Having served as a missionary in Japan for over twenty years, Bill Stroup is well acquainted with the culture of the Japanese people. With more and more international industries opening up in Alabama, Bill has great opportunity to help meet the needs, both spiritual and physical, of these natives of Japan, who in turn can return to their own country to spread the Good News they learn here.

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