Grace For Living Conference

A Christ-centered, Biblically based, and grace oriented approach to dealing with sin, stress, and suffering in the life of the Christian

Material Covered in this Conference

  • Understanding the way man is made.
  • What is the Biblical definition of the flesh?
  • Who or what is the old man?
  • Understanding and applying the cross for victory over sin.
  • The importance of knowing one’s identity in Christ.
  • The importance of brokenness for spiritual growth.
  • How to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • The process of renewing one’s mind.
  • Dealing with emotions.
  • How to forgive others.

Many seminars and conferences today simply use humanistic principles and self-help programs to “manage” life and its problems. The believer tries his best to “do” these steps, but eventually ends up defeated and frustrated.

Grace For Living is not another “how to” of humanistic attempts for handling life. This conference teaches how God’s grace can be applied to the believer’s life in his daily struggles. Using Romans 5-8, the conference seeks to expound and apply the truths of these chapters to individual lives for the purpose of experiencing a victorious Christian life.

The Conference is taught by Dr. Jay Jackson who has worked for the Wales Goebel Ministry since 1972.  Jay ministers in the areas of discipleship and counseling.  He graduated from Southeastern Bible College in 1972 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Christian Education.  In 2001 Jay received a Masters of Arts Degree in Christian Counseling from Luther Rice Seminary.  He received a Doctorate in 2008 from Masters International School of Divinity in Biblical Studies.  Jay married his best friend, Cindy, in 1981.  They have three children and four grandchildren. Jay has pastored McCalla Bible Church since 2004.

If you or your church is interested in hosting a Grace for Living Conference, please contact Dr. Jackson at the Wales Goebel Ministry office – 205-967-4888 or via e-mail at

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