Counselor Training

The Wales Goebel Ministry offers counselor training under the supervision of Dr. Jay Jackson.  With a Masters Degree in Christian Counseling from Luther Rice Seminary and a Doctorate Degree in Biblical Studies from the Masters International Divinity School, Dr. Jackson is a certified trainer with the Association of Exchanged Life Ministries (AELM).

The counseling/discipleship model used by Dr. Jackson focuses on Romans 5-8 as the foundation for helping an individual regardless of his or her presenting problem.  This model is sometimes referred to as Christ-centered, grace, or Exchanged Life counseling.

The training process includes three phases or segments.  The initial phase involves teaching the trainee specific Biblical terms which must be understood in the light of a person’s individual problems.  Such terms as “flesh”, “in Adam”, “in Christ”, “identification truths”, etc.. are defined and related to the counseling process.  The trainee will learn listening and helping skills which will facilitate a relationship with the counselee.   In addition, the trainee must read required books and training material.  Also, during this segment, the trainee will personally go through the counseling process.

Once in the second phase, the trainee will sit in on an actual counseling appointments.  With the counselee’s permission the trainee observes the entire process, which involves a minimum of eight one-hour sessions.  After each session the trainee will meet with the counselor for a time of questions and feedback regarding the previous counseling session.

The third segment places the trainee in an actual counseling situation under the supervision of Dr. Jackson.  Again, this is done with the permission of the counselee.  The trainee will use the material learned and move through the counseling process.  Dr. Jackson will meet with the trainee after each session for a time of review.

Upon completing the entire training program, the trainee will be qualified to join AELM as a certified counselor and will be listed on the AELM’s website as such and as a referral resource for potential clients.  ALEM membership offers resources to help the counselor continue to grow and receive training in Christ-centered counseling.  For further information about ALEM you can log on to its website at

Although there is not cost for this instruction, the trainee will be responsible for the cost of any course materials needed.  If you are interested in pursuing this training please contact Dr. Jay Jackson at 205-967-4888 or through email at

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