Counseling is available for individuals, couples, and families. The ministry offers a wide area of help for addictions, stress, anxiety, depression, marital conflict, and finances. The approach to counseling is a Christ-centered, Biblically based program. Typically, individuals are counseled by ministry staff, usually someone of the same sex, in order to assure both empathy and integrity. All counseling is confidential.

The Wales Goebel Ministry believes that man’s basic problem is sin. The process of counseling an individual or couple begins with the presupposition that only the Lord Jesus Christ can set a person free. Typically, a person who has lived life out of their own resources will eventually fail to succeed in their personal life, their marriage, or employment. Biblically, one who lives in self-sufficiency is walking according to the flesh (Romans 8:1-9). The solution for marriage problems or individual habits of sin lies in understanding and appropriating the power of God. The counseling process would lead a person through Scripture to understand how to receive Christ as his or her Savior. Teaching would also point a person to his identity in Christ, to see one’s acceptance and position before God. Further, we share with a person how the cross impacted the flesh in order to free a person to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. As one learns to trust Christ as the Source and his very life, freedom will be the result.

After these foundational truths are applied, then a person can be taught practical steps to take that will insure marriage harmony, freedom from habits of sin, and the experience of the victorious Christian life. We do not employ or encourage self-help books or programs as a part of our counseling.

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