Colombia Ministry

Colombia is a old country with strong Catholic roots – 90% of the population is Roman Catholic. Its capital city, Bogotá, has a population of just over 7,000,000 people.

Alfredo and Juana Medina are missionaries sent out by Renacer Baptist Church of Bogotá. Alfredo came to Christ twelve years ago and graduated from the Baptist Bible Institute in Bogotá. Having been called by God to serve as church planters, the Medinas work alongside two other missionary couples in Santa Marta, a town on the Atlantic coast about 16 hours drive north of Bogotá, near the beautiful beach resort city of Cartagena. Actively involved in evangelism and discipleship, they have planted a church which now sees between forty and fifty individuals attend each week.

Juana and Alfredo are the parents of two small children, Santiago and Lina.

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